"Say Goodbye" Remix - Free Download!


I’m not able to make any new Mister Fusty music at the moment, due to practical boring reasons, but I have had a play around with a song from a couple of years ago and created a remix of “Say Goodbye”. I think it’s actually better than the original! You can listen or download (for free!) below.

Hopefully I can get back to making new Fusty music in a few months.

New album, “Boketto”, out NOW!


There’s been a bit of a gap between Mister Fusty releases but finally here is the latest album, "Boketto". For various reasons this one took quite a while to finish (moving house also didn’t help) and turned out a little different than what I originally planned.

I was going to make an album of just basic acoustic songs, then I decided it was going to be electronic-y and entirely instrumental instead, and THEN decided I was going to do two albums - one in each style.

After much chin scratching I scrapped all that and decided that it would be a mix of styles as per usual. Eventually the ideas merged and got mixed up in the tumble dryer and here we are.

I’m quietly pleased with it though, it’s slightly more electronic & synthy than some of my other stuff and is perhaps a little weirder in places but I think it’s good to try new things.

I hope you like it. You can listen/download using the player below or on the Bandcamp site.

You can also purchase from iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play or stream at Spotify or RDIO

You can also check out the cheesy video I made for “Azur” here.

Incidentally the title comes from a Japanese expression to "gaze vacantly into the distance". Something I am very good at….

Thank you!

"Azur" - by Mister Fusty from the forthcoming album, "Boketto"

SOUND THE NEW SONG KLAXON! “Silver Clouds” from the upcoming album, provisionally titled “Boketto”.

New track! “Kathleen and Percy”

So….the album is not too far off from being completed. Here’s my current favourite track from it, an instrumental ditty called “Kathleen and Percy”. Hope you like it.

Here’s a new track called, “Last Orders at Dante’s”. It’ll be on the new album, which I haven’t been working on much lately due to relocation of the Fusty HQ!




This is just a brief update on how current recording projects and how they are progressing. The short answer is slowly…

I’ve got about 8 or 9 tracks kicking around the “studio” amongst the cobwebs, all in various states of completion. I mentioned previously that the next album would be all instrumental.


You don’t get off that lightly! There will be some vocals, although I’m not sure how many tracks will feature the golden tones of Mister Fusty yet.

Monkseaton “Studios” is to be closed down though, in other words I have to move house in the next few months, so this could delay progress further. However I do have a title for the next album, but I’m not going to tell you just yet. :)

There is one finished track called "Desayuno de Reyes" which you can listen to here.

That’s it for now, sorry it’s a bit of a vague post but I’m a vague kind of guy.

Here’s the first finished track from the forthcoming album. I still have a long way to go though! Enjoy.

So this will be 2013 then..


Oh hi.

It’s bloody cold outside so I might as well do some recording! Work starts tonight on album number 6 (!!!) and I’m going to try a different approach this time. I’ll let you know how it goes at some point. Wish me luck, hopefully you should hear some new Mister Fusty music sometime this year…

Stay tuned!

I feel like I should be on a yacht off the coast of southern France avec cocktail.