"Cloth Ears" - Album out now!

  album After a month of intensive activity, taking part in the RPM Challenge, it’s finally here, the latest album from Mister Fusty. It’s a little rough around the edges due to the time frame but probably no more than usual! Half the tracks have vocals, half are instrumentals and it’s goofy, whimsical and at some points a little strange. You can listen using the player below or at Bandcamp, where you can download the album in any format you like (including lossless) for as little as £1 (about $1.60 or 1.18 EU?) or you can pick your own higher price if you really like it. You can also download an mp3 version for FREE at Soundcloud.

If you prefer the likes of Spotify, iTunes or Amazon then the album will be available there and most other download/streaming places in a week or so. I hope you like it, it was fun making it.